Would You Bring Your Baby in a Classroom?


I would love to bring my baby in the classroom if it would have been possible.


I have started a new training in webdesign two months ago. And, I am enjoying it very much and do not want to miss one day.
However, I did miss two days because my son was sick with a bad cough and high temperature.
Welcome back to the world of motherhood. When you have a child, be prepare to all kind of eventuality.
And, I am conscious it is just the beginning…

My Son had high temperature

Each time he does his teeth, he has flu-like symptoms. So, a bit of runny nose and light coughing.
It’s only like that I know he is teething. However, this time the symptoms didn’t just go away but it actually become worse.
The reason could be numerous factors such as probably not being cautious enough one night when we went outside to watch a fire work.
Or, it could be that now he is more in contact with other kids who themselves had runny nose these past days.
And, maybe, it is due to the fact he stays more indoor with the childminder than going outdoor for longer period of time to get fresh air.

Clearly, I don’t know but in the future I would like to minimize the risk of getting through this again.
Seeing your little one low and suffering is heart-broken for a mom as you can imagine.
He wanted to be carried all the time. He wanted to fall asleep on my chest.
He was not the active boy that I usually know.
So, I couldn’t bring him in the classroom like that knowing he wanted to be with me.

Bring him in the classroom?

I wish I could have brought him in the training center. While he was resting on my chest, I could have followed the tutor instructions.
My son was so calm for a change that he would not make any difference if he was there or not.
Unfortunately, we are not allowed to bring our children in a class. Of course, I can understand that they might be a distraction for everybody.
The interesting thing is when I did my evaluation test to check my level in different subjects, I have been told to come with my son if I wanted to. I thought that was pretty cool.
So, I brought him along, I had time to complete a few tests while he was playing with toys that I took with me.
But, you know kids, you cannot expect them to play on their own for ages…
At least not the time to do my math test. My concentration was highly needed especially in Maths. It wasn’t complicated exercises but I still wanted to be focus.
Anyway, I had to come back without him to carry on my test.
So yes, I do understand that it is not practical to bring a young child either at work or at school.

What about newborn babies?

They are generally very quiet and they sleep a lot during the day.
I read an article yesterday from today.com about a professor in US who encouraged her student, a young mom to bring her newborn baby boy.
You can read the full article here.
I was fascinated to see that some people are very understandable. They can put themselves into other people shoes and offer solution.
In that case, the professor didn’t want her student to be behind just because she has a baby. She might have noticed that the young mom was very committed to make a difference in her family’s life.
Or, think about that some parents cannot afford to pay for somebody looking after their children. And, bring them into a class with you could be the perfect solution.
Anyway, I hope this story will be an inspiration for colleges, universities or training centers. It will be great if new moms, anywhere in the world and whatever their reason or situation will be able to bring their babies into a classroom.


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