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Hi, I’m Nathalie. Join me as I write about my journey of a first-time mom at 40. Through sharing my experiences and thoughts, I hope you will find some inspiration and ideas to help you as well in your own journey of motherhood or parenthood in general.

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toddler tantrum
child development

How to Deal With Toddler Tantrums And Survive Them?

Dealing with toddler tantrums is not easy as you probably know. I grew up in the 70’s where in my culture parents didn’t know how to deal with toddler tantrums. As a matter of fact, they couldn’t even comprehend what

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authoritarian or permissive parenting style

Could Authoritarian or Permissive Parenting Style Be Helpful?

Authoritarian and permissive methods are two different parenting style. You surely think that there are not the best ways to raise children. However, could these parenting style be helpful to parents who face challenging situation with their kids? Or, maybe you might think

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