Wise advise for new moms


Wise advice for first time moms can always be useful when you start your journey in the parenthood.
When I was pregnant, I liked reading experiences from moms coming from different countries and backgrounds. Their stories were very inspiring and gave me some ideas for parenting skills.
Of course, we are all unique but we can still learn from each other. And, I am happy to continue contributing to the community by giving advice or information from my own experience as a new mom.

Baby clothes

I have a friend who was pregnant last year and gave birth this year. Also, another friend of mine is currently pregnant. They both ask me regarding baby clothing. They wanted to know the number of clothes they shall buy. And my friend who is currently pregnant asked me if it was not better to get them second hands.
We all get the temptation to buy baby clothes in excess. As a new mom, we want to make sure we’ve everything for our newborn. We are scared that we don’t get enough clothing. It’s very understandable. I was like this too.
And yet, we shouldn’t get too many clothes. As you know they do grow fast. Also, you will be more likely receiving baby clothes as gifts from relatives.
It’s simple, I’ve got this tip from one of my sisters who told me that I should have clothes for two weeks. So, I used to wash my baby’s clothes at the end of the first week. Nowadays as my son is a toddler now, I wash his clothes every two to three days because he uses them more often and they get dirty very quickly.
Regarding second hand baby clothes, I wouldn’t have mind to wear used clothes from a member of my family or close friends only (that’s my choice but if you are comfortable to buy in a second hand shop, go for it).
But, I didn’t have a chance to have a family around to give me this option. It is a great idea to save some money.
Actually, we did get second hand baby accessories such as a pushchair, baby chair, baby car seat.

Stay at home if you can

Depending on your circumstances, it is a good idea to stay at home at least the first year after the birth of your baby.
I was fortunate enough to have a husband who could financially support both of us. Clearly, it is difficult to wake up several time during the night and then wake up early to go to work. I couldn’t imagine doing that. In my opinion, moms who had no choice but to go back to work after the third months deserve a medal.
I am still at home even after 20 months of giving birth.
It is hard work because you have to bear in mind that you will have 2 full time jobs.
Yes, that’s right, one paid job and the other one it’s not paid.
You still need to look after your baby for one or two hours before he or she goes to bed. But, you have to cook and look after the house. It’s sounds quite unfair! But this is the reality.

Keep doing your pelvic-floor exercises

You must have heard about the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles hold up the bowel and bladder, most importantly they give you control when you urinate.
During pregnancy and after giving birth, you have to keep doing your pelvic floor exercises.
I know it seems boring.
But trust me; do not underestimate these exercises because you do not want to have urine leakage. This is quite annoying when you laugh too hard or bounce with your little one on a trampoline. I know what I am talking about…
So, yes, I do continue from time to time my pelvic floor. And, you know, you do notice an improvement after a few weeks of exercising.
In France, they offer free physiotherapy sessions for strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for new moms.
Unfortunately, I don’t live in Paris anymore, but in the UK where we do not have this privilege.
So, you do have to do your own exercises.
These few wise advise but very important for new moms make a difference in their new challenging life. And, I will surely provide with more in the future.
If you have some advice for new moms, please let us know in the comment below. Thanks in advance 🙂



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