When You Are A Mom, It Is For Life.


Being mom is not just looking after my child for a period of time but it is more likely a life commitment.


When I have decided to become a mom, I knew it would not be a piece of cake.
And, now I am there, I confirm that it’s definitely not easy.
Of course, I thought it would be tough but I had no idea what it really meant until I got there.

It’s just the beginning!

Once my newborn son was there he seemed very attached to me. He would not let me do too much. Each time I moved from the bed, he started crying. I thought, it was totally normal because he was little. Everyone has more or less experienced it that way.
So, of course it was challenging until today but I thought all this are new to me.
And, I’ve continued thinking that: “in a few months, things will get better…
Then, months later, I keep telling to myself, “it’s gonna be fine, when he will be older, things will be different
Well, at the end of next month, my son will be 2 years old.
I have been told very often to enjoy these days with my son because it’s nothing in comparison with the following years!
Really? I’ve found it already challenging with all the tantrums, the scream, and the non stop move etc..
And it is apparently just the beginning…
Well, I thought…
It might be easier later on as he will be able to speak. So that we can have a conversation in exchange of tantrums.
And the brutal truth came into my mind like a big revelation.
Well, not really…
Let’s say that I have to face the reality that I knew already deep inside.
I am mom for life!” Full stop!

Mom for life

Did I come to this conclusion only today because I’ve spent 3 hours in the park today?
Or, is it because I am feeling again very exhausted? And thought that the fact I am constantly tired will never stop.
There is an old French adage that says that: “small children, small problems; grown children, big problems”.


That French proverb says is all.

I’ve just started my journey with my son. I have heard that 3 years old is not an easy year. Apparently, they are very difficult.
Well, sounds exciting!
Even though, I do my best to live in the present. I am learning to just appreciate every moment with my son. But, I can’t help to think that more are coming.
Every development stages has its own challenge.
I don’t even want to think about the teenage years!
Well, still a long ways to go.

So, grown children, big problems…
As an adult, have you ever share with one or both parents your problems?
Whatever problem you have in life…money, relationship, love or job issue.
We have all done it. I do share with my mom a lot of things.
So, you get the picture when I am saying that I am a mom for life.
And, now I really do understand my mom who is still worried for all her children… and she has a lot.
May God bless her!

Now, back in the present. Let me enjoy my time with my son while the challenges are still small. 😉


Given up something

Since I have started this journey of motherhood, I made an interested discovery. I don’t know if all parents have experienced it that way. But this is how I see it…

I felt that by being a mom is like I “given up” a part of myself to help another soul or being to make his own experience.
What I meant by ‘giving up’ is like not only the sacrifices that I am doing for my son, but it goes beyond. It’s like giving away a bit of my freedom.
Knowing that being a mother is for life. It strengthen the feeling that I kind of ‘pass the baton’ or give the ‘reign’ or be taken over.
I don’t know if you understand what I mean…
Imagine, all my sleepless night, my exhaustion, my worries, my joy, my love and most of my thought are all about my son.
Things are not the same anymore. I am not saying that I am going down. But rather that I am kind of link to another experience.
Maybe, it sounds a bit too spiritual for you but this is the way I sense it, for the moment.

Finally, being mom requires plenty of energy since that you’re mom for life.
What are your thought on the subject? Do not hesitate to share your experience here.


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