The Birthday of a Wise and Blessed Mom


Birthday of a wise and blessed mom

Today is my birthday. And, I am feeling wiser and blessed as a mom.


Two years ago, I was pregnant with my son. At that time, I had no idea how it would be. I didn’t know how I would cope with my new role as a mom. I’ve prayed that my son would be happy with us.
I am glad that he does. Well, I hope and think…:)

A Blessed Mom

I am feeling so blessed to have come such a long way since he was born. I thank God /the Divine Source for being in live, in good health and for being strong for my son.
I am blessed to have such a beautiful and loving son.
Of course, it has not been easy all the time. However, the love I give and receive from him make me forget my fatigue and sometimes his tantrum.
I am reminding myself constantly this is part of the experience. It is part of the game!

Anyway, I feel blessed and thankful to experience this love and to have this strong bond with my son. I can sense and feel that he is a happy boy.

A blessed wife too
I am also blessed to have a wonderful husband who is there to support me. And I am thankful that he can (sometimes 😉 ) listen to me when I need to talk after a long spending with our son.

A wiser mom

I have learned so much since my son was born and I am feeling wiser as a mom.
Since I have started this journey, I’ve been paying more attention to my instinct to overcome obstacles. Thus, I could see a clear improvement in my son’s behaviour.
I recognise when my son really needs something or when he just want to attract attention.
In addition, I am having more confidence in the way I am dealing with things. For instance, in the evening, once he has taken his bath, I have decided that he should stays in his bedroom instead of going downstairs to play. At the beginning, there was some resistance but now he follows the rules.
Moreover, patience has always been my weakness. It is not perfect but I am definitely getting good at it now.
I am conscious that I have to be patient at each of his development stage. I am not too worry about it because time flies so quick.
My child is unique and I have to accept that he has its own character that is different from me and his dad.
Although I like reading advice from experts, but I like also using my own imagination to offer to my son what I think is best for his development.
I like being authentic and being a role model for my son. I am not interested in copying other moms’ ways of parenting because every child is different. However, it doesn’t mean that I am not open to new ideas. I don’t mind to get inspiration from mothers who have more experience than me in the parenthood. But, we can even learn from new moms so I like staying open-minded.

Finally, my best gift for this birthday has been who I am today, a blessed and wiser mom. I thank God again to live this extraordinary experience. I am pretty sure that my son would say, ‘Happy birthday to my wise mom!’


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