Single Mom, How Do You Cope?


single mom

I have to say upfront that I am not a single mom but I have got a
taste of it!
My husband is away for work for about a week and I feel it has been ages. So, I am looking after my son with no chance to have a break in the evening.


Single mom deserves a medal


One of my sister is a single mother with a toddler boy. I have seen her in action and I can tell you it is not easy! Especially when the child is not very cooperative.


You have no idea what what’s going on there and how tough it can be!
I know my husband is away only for a week. But, I can clearly see how it looks like to be a single mother. And seriously, I don’t know how I would cope.

Only a week without my husband and I am finding it difficult! So, imagine a single mom who has no partner coming home later on.
It means that she has to think about every single thing.
She must rely on herself only because nobody else is there to help out.


Unless, she has the financial resources to pay somebody to sort out the household, she will have to do everything by herself.
Not to mention that she has to manage any paper work related to the house.
When you are a single mom, you are on your own, there is no division of task.


In my opinion, single moms deserve a medal for their hard work. They have to stay strong to raise their children.


Being dad and mum

It has been said that a mom can replace a dad.
I hear that but you cannot ignore the importance of the father’s authority in a child development.


I can see it with my son. Even though I am stricter than my husband, my son obeys quicker when his talk to him.

Anyway, as a single mum is on her own to raise her child, she has to act for both. She takes the role of a mommy and daddy.
I guess that she would know in some occasion when she has to be firmer and stricter than usual.


Any help will do

I am not a single mother and yet I find it difficult to raise a child. What I mean by difficult is the energy and the patience that you have to put in it.
My son is quite active and I see myself repeating things over and over again.
But, at least in the evening, I have the support of my husband. I can have some break to breathe a bit. And, the week-end, I can always leave my son with his dad if I want to go out or even staying at home while being on my computer.
Fortunately, some single mothers are still in contact with their ex-partner and they can have a break when the kids can go to their dad’s place.
But, not all of them can do it. For instance, my sister and her ex-partner don’t even live in the same country so there is no chance that her son can go to his dad on the week-end.
Therefore, single moms are always trying to find help where they can find.
I remember my sister telling me when she could put her son in a kindergarten, she did it without hesitation. Even when she wasn’t working at that time, she brought her son twice there. Then, months later, she ended up bringing him every day. I cannot blame her at all.
Personally, I am a stay-at-home mom, and I do leave my son with a childminder for 3 days a week.
Alright, I have started a training three weeks ago so I do need somebody to look after my son. However, prior to this, I had no training to go to and my son used to stay at the childminder twice a week. It was very important for me to have these two days where I could deal with things and also to take time off for myself.


In addition, there are different ways a single mom can help herself. For instance, instead of spending a couple of hours in a supermarket, she can order the shopping online for just £1. So that, this time can be used for something else.


Also, if she lives near family or friends, a single mom can eventually find help from them. Every little help is useful if she wants to have a break and breathe a bit.


Finally, being a single mom is not easy at all. I really don’t how they manage to cope physically and mentally to look after their child. I have a lot of admiration for the job they do because it is hard work.

What is your experience as a single mom? Let me know your thoughts.


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