Relax Mom, Tomorrow is another Day!


I can visualized very well my son telling me one day, “please mom, relax tomorrow is another day”.

woman relaxing on a bench in a park

Well, my son doesn’t speak yet but I can see the way he is trying to grab my attention while I am rushing doing things at home.
He must be thinking, what is it all about?
I wonder too!

Being a mom


Since I became a mother, I have noticed that I can easily be overwhelmed and quite exhausted too.
One day, I might be able to get some rest.
But a few days later, all the benefits of the good rest is quickly vanished as I find myself doing so many things at once.
I have to constantly remind myself that I am now a mom. And, looking after a child is a lot of work.
Raising my son requires plenty of energy. At the end of the day, he is the priority.
Therefore, they are things that can be dealt with less pressure such as the household.
When I had no child, I used to tidy up and clean the house once a week. And it stayed more or less fine until the following week.
However, as you must imagine now with my son, it’s impossible to do that.
First, his toys are all over the place. So every evening I have to put them away in a storage box knowing that they will be pulled out again the next morning by my son.
Tell me about a repetitive job!

Then, each time my son eats, there are foods dropping around his high chair Read Full Report. So, each time he eats, meaning three time a day without mentioning the snacks, I have to broom the food and crumbs from the floor.
Other than that, I always try to do as much as possible the same day.
But, is it necessary?


There is no prize to win

There is no medal to win, no prize to get! So, why shall I drive myself nuts to do the household that can be done another day?
Why don’t we just relax and take it easy?

We have a dishwasher at home which get full very quickly. By the time the machine is running, there is already a pile of dishes waiting for the next round.
The problem is I don’t like seeing the dirty dishes piling up on the kitchen counter so I end up doing the washing up.
Do I need to do it?
Unfortunately, it’s only when I feel very exhausted that I manage to leave the mess behind and stop.

Having said that, however, I have to mention that tired or not, the floor needs to be clean at least because my son loves lying down on it. So, for hygienically reason, it needs to be done.

As you can see, there is always something to do!
But, the rest such as laundry, washing up etc, all these tasks can be done the day after.


So I can get out with my son and enjoy a day outside the house.
But, what about that sometimes I just want to be able to relax?
It is not only about my son. I do need to have a break as well.

Let me having a massage!

lady having a massage in a spa
last Saturday, I have managed to go to the spa for an hour massage. Although, I have said in the past that I would try to go at least once a month for a massage, I still was not able to do it.

I cannot say it is the money because believe me it is not expensive. Prior to my pregnancy, I used to be a complementary therapist and providing massage to my clients as well. I charged much more than the lady who gives me the massage.
If not the money? What then?
I don’t even know…
I have forgotten how good you can feel after a massage.
I needed so desperately one as I felt pain and tension in my back.
I’ve started a training a few weeks ago and I keep carrying heavy pack bag on my back.
Needless to say that I am even more tired these days.

Although, I had a strong massage on my back. I still felt very relaxed. And, more importantly, I slept very well that night.

I felt so good that I’ve promised myself to have a massage more regularly, either every 2 weeks or at least once a month.

Finally, being a mom involves doing a lot at home and raising your child at the same time.
No point to drain myself, I just need to relax from time to time and leave the less important things for another day.

And you, can you stop and relax sometimes?
Let me know your experience?




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