Palplay House of Fun Full Review, Is it Worth Buying It?

Important Note: Palplay house of fun is also called “Children’s Indoor & Outdoor Summer Garden House Of Fun Kids Happy Playhouse”.

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Product: Palplay house Of Fun Review
Price: £84.99 (Free UK delivery)
Where to buy: Amazon
Dimension: Height: 115, Wide: 130, Depth: 109cm. Weight: 17-18kg
Material: Plastic
My Rating : 7.5/10

Palplay House of Fun Review

The first place my toddler son runs into, when I bring him downstairs from his bedroom in the morning, is the playhouse.

The palplay house is his sanctuary where he can have his own space and of course where he can have fun too.

The bright colourful door and windows are very attractive to him; he loves opening and closing the door numerous times before he decides what to do.
Then, once inside, from the windows, he just loves popping out his little head and says “coucou” (peek-a-boo).

The house has two windows, one on the right and the other one on the left hand side. Surely it is a summerhouse as it is quite open with balconies. Nevertheless, this palplay can be used indoor and outdoor.

My son loves playing in and around the house, and I am going to give you my personal opinion with this children playhouse.

Who is the Palplay house for?

Obviously, boys and girls can both enjoy playing in this playhouse.

According to the manufacturer, the recommended age to use the children playhouse is 3 years old and over.
Maybe they wanted to be on the safe side, but my 21 months old son has absolutely no problem to use it. To be honest with you, I even think that a 14 to 15 months toddler can start playing with it. Of, course as long as he can walk, otherwise, I cannot see where is the difficulty to open windows. The door might be a bit tricky to open sometimes but it can be left open.

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Easy to assemble: As mentioned in the product description it takes between 30 to 59 min to assemble the different pieces.

It is definitely possible.

My husband managed to do it within 45 min. I suppose he could have done it in less time if only he could have followed the instruction manual promptly.

And, no tools we re required to do the work.

Quite spacious: The playhouse is quite big. It can accommodate at least 3 small children playing all together.
Also an adult can even sit there with a child. My husband who is quite tall manages to sit inside with my son. Sometimes, my husband or myself sit inside and play Legos with my toddler or just read him a book.

Own little space: Even though my son doesn’t mind sharing his playhouse, he likes having his own little space. He surely understands it belongs to him. He enjoys playing inside and around the playhouse as well. He goes in it every day either to play with his little cars, legos, or turn pages from a book. Or sometimes, he would just lye down on the carpet that we’ve placed on the floor just inside the house.

He/She can invite friends: For the moment my son is very young so he doesn’t have so many friends. I do have friends who have young children but we live far from each other’s. Also, his cousins live abroad. However, this playhouse is perfect to invite friends to come along and have fun all together.

Indoors and outdoors use: This palplay can be used either inside your home or be placed in your garden. If you decide to put it outside, you can even add more accessories next to it such as a little table and chair. You can even add a slide.


Find space: You have to have the space at home if you want to use it indoor. It is quite voluminous in a room. You will need to find the right spot so that it doesn’t look awkward like an elephant in a room.

Even though, I knew the playhouse was big because my husband showed me the dimension. However, once built I was not too sure if we’ve made the right choice as it takes quite some space. Now, I can tell you we are used to it now. It doesn’t bother me at all.

The plastic is not so strong: Oh Gosh! This is my main complaint about this product. According to the manufacturer, the plastic is strong. Sorry, this is not true at all. The only strong plastic is the roof (Thanks God for that!).

Originally, my husband thought to get a children playhouse called dreamhouse but I found it to small and there were no physical windows that my son could open.
So, I thought to rather go for the one we have now. Actually, I had no idea that the main complaint was the quality of the plastic.

Anyway, my son is only 21 months and I can tell you he is able to push the playhouse.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking but no worries, the assembly of the pieces are good because it doesn’t fell apart.

What others think?

Basically, according to feedback found on the net, people complain mainly about the quality of the plastic too.

Some even mentioned that the door broke after two weeks of use.

I was quite surprised to hear that. We have the playhouse for over 3 weeks now and the door is still attached to the house. I can tell you my son uses it constantly and he does not have yet the knowledge of a subtle touch. He is quite rough and yet we have no problem of damage of the palplay house.

Also, some complain that it was dark inside. Despite the openness of the playhouse, it can be a bit dark. We actually place it in front on a glass window so we have natural light coming inside.
However, in the evening, it can be a little bit dark, we might need to add a lamp near the playhouse.

Otherwise, generally speaking people are quite please that it is quite easy to assemble it. And, they reported that the children love playing in it.

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My thoughts on: Palplay House of Fun

At the first sight it is a very cute and colorful little playhouse. However, I have to admit that the quality of the plastic is not the best I have seen. But, we get what we paid for.
But, except this I think it is a good house for your children.

To the question, is it worth to buy Palplay house of fun? My answer is “yes”.

Even though I found the quality of the plastic terrible, however, my son doesn’t know all this. He doesn’t understand it anyway.
At the end of the day, his main interest is to play and have fun in the playhouse.

I remember seeing his little face brightening up once his dad finished the assembly of the playhouse. He was so excited. He kept running in and out the little house giggling at the same time. Obviously, he was thrilled. He still loves it.

So, I can forget about my own opinion. My son is the one who uses it not us.
We have realized that this big new toy, has become his sanctuary, a place where he can have his little space. And, I am glad that we could offer him this option.

In conclusion, your little one will love to have a space where he or she can have fun. They can even invite some friends to come over since the playhouse is big enough for that.
Even though the quality of the plastic is not so great but you get what you paid for.

In my opinion, no point to get a very expensive playhouse since you know children can get bored so easily. They might not be interested in it in a few years time. Therefore, I think it makes sense to get Palplay house of fun and your children will love you even more.