My Toddler is constantly testing boundaries


toddler plying with a house play.

My toddler boy is constantly testing boundaries. Nothing really new in the motherhood world, I would assume. However, for a mom it’s a lot of work. I have to stay strong and not give in.

Every day is a new challenge.

You have the impression to repeat yourself constantly.
For instance, my son knows that he should not play with either the blu–ray and dvd player.
However, there is no day that passes without him pressing buttons and trying to put cds and dvd in the apparel.
Of course, I find myself, asking him again and again to stop playing with the players. We have unplugged both players, he still plays with them even though there is no response. He loves pressing on buttons.
What is incredible with babies and toddlers is the attraction they have for things which are not designed for them. I keep telling my son why can’t he just play with his own toys.

Beware, they can be funny…to distract you.

Of course, he clearly understands that he should not be doing certain things. For example, the other day, I’ve seen him throwing food on the wall and them complained to me (in his own language) that there were food there. It’s liked food got there on its own!
Guess what! Before, I could say anything, he said “non non, non (no, no no)
So clever, this little bundle of joy!!!
He knows he shouldn’t have done that but he found a way to avoid that I got annoyed at him.
Another example where my son Joshua like testing the boundaries is during the night. He knows that if he wakes up during the night, he shall not latch on, he will have only water.
He does manage to sleep through the night but sometimes there are moments he wakes up more often than usual. You can’t explain why but you still have to deal with him waking up in the middle of the night.
So, when I come in his bedroom to check what’s the matter. As soon as I take him in my arms, he likes pulling my clothes searching for my breast.
I remind him that he should not have it because we have a deal.
Then, he screams like it comes as a surprise to him.
The mistake to avoid would be to give in in order to him to stop screaming in the middle of the night.
At the beginning, I used to be flexible but I’ve realized that with boys like mine you have to be firm!
Finally, toddlers are very clever, they know what to do to go their way. They will always be testing boundaries. We, parents have to be able to stay firm in our decisions.
What about you? Does your little one is testing you constantly?


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