My Number Two Challenge as a Mom in her 40’s


In my previous post, I have shared with you my number 1 challenge that I am facing as a mom in her 40’s. freedom lady

Today, I am about to reveal my second biggest challenge since I became a first time mom almost 2 years ago.
Ready for that one?



Lost of freedom

Of course, I knew there would be a lot of changes and even big one. And freedom is one of them.
But, I still wanted to believe there were ways to deal with certain things.

Surely it is true but when it come to freedom while having a young child, I can forget about it!

It is his way or nothing else!

My son is very closed to me. Depending on the day or perhaps his mood he will let me doing what have to do or not.

For instance, if I am in front of my laptop writing posts for my blog or checking my emails, he can leave me alone and play with his toys.

Otherwise, he will manage to climb on the side of the chair to sit on my lap. If, he was just watching the screen it would be fine. However, he can’t help but pressing the keyboard.

Can you imagine typing something and somebody comes starting messing up everything?

When, I warn him to stop, he is even eager to try harder.

Kids don’t take no for an answer, do they?

Even after further warnings, he generally wants to keep touching the keys.
Then, I have to make a decision. The only solution is to put him down on the floor.
Needless to say that most of the time it end up in tears or in big tantrum because I have stop the fun.

It is just difficult to stay at least 30 min on my own without him attracting my attention.

It’s hard to feel restricted today

For so many years, I have been very independent. I could leave the house at any time and coming back any time I wanted to.

Although,from time to time, my husband looks after our son half a day or a full day during the week-end. It is still not the same.
I would need to come back home to prepare little one’s dinner.

Also, my son always expect me to give him the bath. The other day, I ask my husband to look after him while he was having a bath. When it was time to take him out of the water, my son started to cry and scream.

Perhaps he thought that I won’t be there to breastfeed him before going to bed since he needs it to fell asleep.


What I miss the most!

Oh, yeah, what I really miss today is Sunday. I like to have my Sundays off.
When, I mean off, I really mean it. Just chill out. It can be just lying in bed with a good book.
Even though my husband is not the type of person doing that, he wouldn’t mind leaving me alone. So that, I would enjoy this time.

But, today, I could not possibly do that. Our son is now able to open doors.

Privacy is gone too

The other thing is not only I have no freedom but my privacy is gone too.
For the past three days, he has been waking up at 5.30 in the morning. He enters into our bedroom and starts talking in his own language.

Also, I can’t go to the toilet without him following me there too. And commenting…lol!
He knows how to say poo or pee in French.
It’s quite funny (well sometimes) because he is mixing the two of them. Well, I have the feeling he’s exposing my life.

There is always hope…

Thanks God for that. This is not forever. He will understand in a year or two that he won’t be able to come with me in the bathroom. But, I know I will have to survive a bit longer until I will be able to have a bit of my freedom back.

Finally, when you are either a younger or older mom, there are challenges such as freedom or privacy that you cannot escape. It is part of the package.

And you, what are your challenges since you became a mother?


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