My Number One Challenge As a Mom in Her 40’s


Being a mom in her 40’s is very challenging as you already know. However, there is one thing I have still found very difficult to deal with and it doesn’t look like it can get any better. tired woman


If, I’ve aroused (a bit) your curiosity and you want to discover what it could be. Stay tight, you will find out very soon.


In my previous posts, I have already mentioned a few challenges that a new mother faces once she gives birth.


Alright, let me share what I found very challenging…ready?


A dangerous level of fatigue


Ok, you will tell me but this is not really new…and you have even mentioned it already in previous posts.


This is very true but let me tell you what I am referring to right now…
A bit of background
Since, I was pregnant, between the 4th and 5th months, my sleep pattern has changed dramatically. Impossible to sleep through the night. I remember sleeping deeply only a few hours.
Apparently, the body is preparing you for your future sleepless nights ahead once baby is here.

Fair enough, mother nature is wonderful…

So, clearly, I had to be prepared because my son Joshua did wake up every 2 to 3 hours while he was an infant.

Only, two months ago, that I have started seeing improvement in his sleep pattern. I can really say that today he is sleeping much better than many previous months.

So, you might think what is the big deal since he’s sleeping better, I shall be able to sleep then.
I hear you! But, it is not as simple as you think!

Most of the time, when I help my son to sleep in his bed, I fell asleep next to him. These days, he goes to bed between 9 and 9.30 pm. Most of the time, I would think that I am the one who fell asleep first just to tell you how tired I am.

Then, around midnight or 2 in the morning, I wake up and I realize that I am not in my bed. Believe me sometimes, I am so tired that I have no energy to move out of my son’s bed.
And then, I think to continue lying down a bit until I feel a bit better and the next thing I know it’s 3 am.

Or eventually, if I do manage to wake up a few minutes after my son has fall asleep, I do go to my bedroom in order to sleep.

Even though, I can sleep deeply for the first few hours, but this is it. I can’t find sleep after that. But, of course, around 6 or 7 am, I feel that I am able again to sleep again but it’s too late because my little one wakes up.

And, here’s come the real challenge!

What worrying me is that no matter how tired I am, I would always wake up in the middle of the night to check the monitor to see if he’s alright.


Hopefully, you can see now where I am getting at.

Since, I have get pregnant and until today while my son is now 22 months, I never really have a complete night sleep.
Of course, from time to time, I do nap during the day at the same time with him. However, all the benefit is gone when I have to spend 2 hours running after him in a park.


Or worse, on top of that, I get exhausted when I have to tidy up, clean and cook.

Also, as you know being in my 40’s, my body doesn’t recover faster as it used to be when I was in my 20’s.

It’s not getting any better…


The challenge is that as a mom, I will always be on alert. What struck me is even though, I am sleeping (or thinking I am), I would find myself checking the monitor as soon as I hear a little noise.
I have the feeling, this fatigue won’t go away since my sleeping pattern has totally changed.

Is there hope?

One of my sisters, that I’ve mentioned already several time in this blog, who’s naturopath mentioned that I should add to my multivitamins supplement some magnesium to help having a quality of sleep. She added, that other supplement should be used to support my hormones.

Surely, I am interested in helping my hormones because they’ve been imbalanced for quite some time already.

I really hope to get some improvement in my sleeping pattern. I look forward to stay fit especially as a mom in her 40’s.
Let me know, as her mom what is your number one challenge?


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