My 5 Must-Have Items For My Young Child


I am going to share with you my 5 must-have items that I used for my young child.


When, I have started my journey as a mom, I have bought plenty of things that I thought would be great to have.


No matter how many books or advise from relatives or families warning not to buy a lot of things for baby because they are growing fast, I still bought more than what I needed.

I suppose that being a first time mom, you don’t want to miss anything for your precious one. I just bought items in case that I might need them.
For instance, I bought 2 sleeping bags which are generally recommended. In reality, these items are not really necessary. As a matter of fact, I used one of the sleeping bag only twice. My son didn’t like it so much.


Anyway, as time passes and especially with experience, I have noticed that only a few items are a must for me.
So, I will be sharing with you what clothes and products I have found were important to have.
Obviously, this is for me but you might have different views on the list.
The 5 items I will share with you don’t include the basics such as shoes, socks, pushchairs, jumpers or coat if living in a cold country. As said, they are basics.
Below are my five items that I must have all the time.

#1 Must-Have: Body vest

Long or short sleeves, whatever the season, I always need body vest for my son.
In winter, the long sleeves keep him warm and I can just add a jumper on top of it and off we go.
For summer time, the short sleeves can be worn on its own just like that or/and with a short.
With a vest, all the middle of body is covered but it is not the case with a t-shirt.
Body vests are for me a must-have item because I need them at any season. And, I re-new the stock constantly.

My other piece of clothes that I like is a cardigan.

#2 Must-have: Cardigan

You might think that a cardigan is an optional cloth needed in a child’s wardrobe.
I hear you.
Actually, I used to think the same.
However, I’ve quickly realised that a cardigan is definitely vital to have.
I’ll explain why…
First, a cardigan can be used at any season (of course it depends on the material).
Second, it can be adjusted accordingly. For instance, if the temperature is in-between, your child can still wear it but it can be left open. And, you can closed it when it’s a bit fresh.


The other three items from my list are not clothes.

#3 Must-have: cough syrup

Every time my son is teething he gets a cough and runny nose.
And, as you might know babies do their teeth until 3 years old.
So, during all this time, child and mom are experiencing difficult time, especially at night.

Therefore, I always have at home a bottle of aromatherapy for cold relief.


#4 Must-have: baby nasal aspirator

I live in the UK and doctors don’t encourage parents to use nasal aspirators. They said that babies even when they have blocked nose they can always find a way to breathe.
Clearly, I disagree with this thinking because as adults we do blow are nose to get some relief.
And babies cannot do it so they need some help.
When I use a baby nasal aspirator, I can notice a clear difference in the way my son breathe.
And, I don’t know how it is in other countries but in France, using such item is well advised.

Finally, my last must have item is one of my favorites

#5 colic remedies

I’ve bought an aromatherapy called ‘colic calm’ when my son was 3 months old.
I loved very much this product because it saved my life so many times.
Well, I mean it helps my son each time he has colic.
For me this product is a miracle because it works instantly on my son.
In addition, this same gripe water help to relieve gas and digestive pain.

That was my 5 must have items that I’ve found were vital for my young son. This list will vary according to your own experience with your child.

Feel free to share here your most favorite and necessary set that you have for your child.


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