Mom at 40

Picture by © Andres Rodriguez

Welcome to Wise mom 40 where I share my journey as an older mom. You can read more about me here.

It seems that in the 21st century, more and more women tend to have children late in life.

And I am part of this new wave. I was pregnant at 40. Then,  I’ve realized that most of my friends too have their child late in their thirties or very close to 40.

Do you know how moms in their 40s called?

We are even labeled “older mother“. How nice!

We have been told for so many decades that the chance to get pregnant after 30 years old is low and the pregnancy can be at risk.

Well, I believe that if you are healthy, and prepare your body as I did you can conceive naturally at 40 or over.

Even though you do not conceive in a natural way, being a mother after 35 years or over 40, should not be seen as selfish or odd.

The new generation of older mom

Although, the medical establishment does not encourage so many women to have children late because of a potential complication.  However, you can’t help it but acknowledge that the new generation of “old mother” is on the rise.   Surely, you can argue that when you are in your 40’s, you may feel that your body takes longer to recover for instance after a short night of sleep. Also, you might feel some pain in your body but in my opinion, this can be fixed with the right diet, supplementing with vitamins and exercises.   It has been said that having a child keeps you fit and young! Anyway, I am a mum in my 40s and I do look younger for my age. I suppose I have to thank my genes for that!    

Older moms are different!

Anyway, I think this time is over where getting married at an early age, staying at home, raising two or more kids, doing the cooking, the shopping and watching soap opera or Reality TV shows.

No offense…

I suppose it is a choice of life…

But this is not for me.

Don’t get me wrong; I am a stay-at-home mother. However, I clearly expect more from life that just raising children and look after a house.

Maturity and experience of a wise mom at 40

One of the reasons you might feel willing to have a child at 40 or over is that you have gained maturity and experience through life. Also, the most obvious advantage to be a new mom at 40 years old or over is that you are more likely to make wise parenting decision.  I personally have been doing a lot of personal development for many years and it is an on-going process. I know how to empower myself but I am well aware of my limit as well.

Better mom 

We cannot be a perfect parent, and I do not think such parents exist anyway, but surely we can be better mum or dad.   Also, when you are an “older mum”, especially nowadays, you are not so afraid to question the establishment. We dare to question things and break some taboos if necessary.

Better Judgement

As a wise mom, you know what good for you and your child. So, we are more likely to breastfeed (if possible of course), use natural remedies, and go for organic foods or for a healthy diet.

Nothing selfish being mom at 40

Finally, being a mom at 40 or over is not a bad decision or being selfish, just the opposite. We have gained some wisdom through life. And, I see motherhood as an extraordinary experience where you can learn so much about yourself and then continue to grow mentally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.