Learning From My Toddler Son


I am learning every day from my son who is now a toddler.
It will be foolish and pretentious to believe that an adult cannot learn anything from a young child.


As the matter of fact, I think that we all learn from each other either from the elderly, the teenager or even from a baby.
So regardless of the age and also the country the person is coming from or the profession he is holding. We will always be able to acquire a skill or knowledge from an experience with that person.
With my son, I have been learning from him since he was born.
What did I get to know then?


Accepting to be different

When my son was a baby, he didn’t fit in the category where babies has to do things in certain ways.
For instance, according to midwifes or the NHS (National Health Service), babies are supposed to be sleeping on their back.
However with my son, he never liked it. He couldn’t sleep longer than 10 min in that position.
What was I supposed to do?

I had to accept the fact that he was simply different. I couldn’t force him to do something that was against his own nature.
So, my decision was made. I let him sleep on his tummy despite the general recommendation.
And, he was totally fine. Until today, he still sleep better that way.
Another example that I will share with you and quite significant.
While, most babies sleep in their cot with no fuss, my son was again an exception to the rules.
He moved from the moses basket to the cot, around the 5th months. But, he never managed to sleep a full night in that bed.
Clearly, I never know what was the problem but I think he never liked it.
Well, our suspicion was that he liked big space so the cot was too small for him.
One more time, this experience have showed me that not all babies were the same.
I have to make a decision to adapt to his need so that he could sleep properly.
So, I have done something that might sound unusual for certain people.

We have put a mattress on the floor so that he could sleep. And, at 14 months, he’s started sleeping on a sofa bed. It is quite low so if he fell off, he won’t hurt himself.
I am touching wood but he never fell down from the bed.
And, I can tell you, my son loves his big bed.

So, these experience provided me with a good reminder about all our differences singulair allergy medicine. And, I have to remember to accept how people are.
Also, I have observed something else with my son.
Something that I have found very inspirational…


Will Power and perseverance

I know, it sounds like big words for a small person like that.
You will soon understand what I mean.
As mentioned in previous posts, we speak 3 different languages at home.
According to us, my son seemed a bit slow in acquiring the 3 of them. Although, he started in understanding first French and a bit of English but not so much German.

All a sudden, for the past 2 months, he’s started to get more words out his mouth.
Now, he understands French as much as English.
What’s amazing me is that he can form some English sentences. But, not in French.
Well, I have to mention that he spends a few days with a childminder where he learns not only from her but also from a young boy who comes there too.


Originally, we thought that Joshua will take a bit longer to learn any of the 3 languages as (according to us) he seemed a bit confused.

But, I can see that he is progressing as much as a child who speaks only one language.
I have to say that my son is very motivated to learn. Every day he gives me a book for me to tell him what’s in there.
Every day, he keeps pointing his little finger on the same images over and over again. I have to tell him the name of every things he wants to know until he can say it.

His determination and will power allow him to get him where he is right now. He understands very well both language, English and French. And, he’s started picking up German.

I am so impressed to see how with perseverance my son manages to achieve so much.

Finally, what I have been learning or reminded from my son is just the beginning. More inspiring experience are to come.

And you, have you been learning from your children?
Please feel free to share your experience here.


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