Is There an Easy Way To Do Potty Training For Toddlers?


potty training for toddlerAs a first time mom, I would like to know whether there is an easy way to do potty training for toddlers singulair 10 mg. The reason why I am asking is because my son, Joshua who is now 22 months does not use the potty yet.


Well, he does but not for its true purpose…

So far, what is the situation?


We have bought the potty for quite some time now. I have showed him a few time how to use it.

When he first saw the potty, he thought it was a new toy to be added to his collection. You cannot blame him, especially when he sees an image related to a cartoon on it. He used to put small toys in the device.

But, that was some time ago…

So far, he’s never pooed or peed in it. He just like to sit on it with his clothes on (I know, this is not the idea but it is a good start!).

However, for the past week, things seem to have changed slightly. I would assume he is in a new phase of his development. What he does now is, as soon as I am seated on the WC, he wants to sit on his potty as well.

I had no idea that would come next…

The other day, I sat on the WC while my son was having his bath. When, he saw me there, he stood up from his bath and tried to get out, so that he could go on his potty as well.
Obviously, I have prevented him to get out because that was not safe at all. But, the little one did not want to hear it.
Even though, I kept telling him ‘no’ and he had to stop that. He would not listen a word of what I was saying. All, he wanted was to go and sit on the potty.
To make the message even clearer, it ended up with a tantrum.
I had to rush from the WC, hold him tight, and then put him on the potty. I let him there a few seconds because I didn’t want him to catch a cold. Then, I let him know that he needed to return to his bath. I put him back in the water and, he was perfectly fine with that.

At first, I have to admit, I was quite frustrated by his unreasonable behavior but I calmed down. I’ve realized it was a sign that he was ready to use the potty for its real purpose.

It’s all about mimicking…
Even though that day he didn’t do anything in that potty. However, it is about imitating my movements.
The funny thing is when I flush the WC, he likes mimicking me. The potty is placed in front of a chest of draw. So, he presses on an imaginary button on the furniture. When, he does this, I imitate the noise of the water. Of, course, he loves it!

Since, he is ready to use the potty, I am interested in knowing different ideas and tips to make the process easy for my son.

In ‘The Baby book’ written by a pediatrician family, called Sears, they break down the toilet training into six steps.

According to the book, I am currently done with the first two steps of the process.
First step : Make sure that baby is ready by reading the signs such as climbing onto the potty or toilet, starting to push nappies off when wet or soiled, coming to tell you that he/she is dirty. There are more signs including imitating my toileting. This is where I am with him currently.

The book teaches how to read baby’s body language. When your little one is about to go, he retreats to a quiet place. For instance, my son generally stops playing and squats.
Then, when he is going, he grunts or he does grabs his diaper. Apparently, crossing legs is also a sign.
Finally, when he is gone, the body language is as follow verbalizing what he has done. He can resumes play, etc.


In step Two: The mother or carer has to be ready. We have to find time to properly potty train. No need to do it in a rush. This won’t be helpful.
It is recommended to have a lot of patience and even a good sense of humor. Who would have thought of that…for potty training!

In the second step, there are different techniques offered such as book learning where there are picture of children in training. They talk about more techniques including one that I’ve already practice with my son which is show-and-tell.

Step Three: This step refers to choose a potty, and let the child picking it and so on. We have already the potty that he seems to like. Never mind this step though.


Step Four: They advise to teach toddler the connection between feeling and going. This is where I need serious help. Once, my child shows signs that he wants to go, I should plant in his mind a reminder like ‘Go potty’.
There are more advice given but I prefer the one I’ve just mentioned.


Step five: In this step, the writers propose to move from diapers to pull-ups (training pants) in order to catch up accidents.


Step Six: In this final walk-through, the child is to learn to wipe, flush, dress and wash hands. Well, so far, I am far away from this step.

So, my next goal is to focus on the connection between feeling and going.


In conclusion, potty training doesn’t seem so easy to achieve but I have no choice but to be patient with my son. Like eating or talking, I am not interested in putting pressure on him to use the potty. Otherwise, we might not get anywhere like that.

What about you? Did you find an easy way to make your little on using the potty without issue? Feel free to share your experience here. Thanks in advance. ?



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