Is Raising a Boy That Difficult?


A boy playing with a car

Raising children regardless of their gender is quite challenging in general as we already know. However, when it comes to make a distinction between the two, it can be very interesting depending on which angle things are viewed.


I remember I wanted to have a girl for whatever reason. I assume maybe when you are a lady you think it will be easier to raise a girl. I could project myself already sharing some ladies tips with my potential daughter.


It’s a boy!


But, when I went for the scan to discover the baby’s sex. I have been told it was a boy. I was very surprised!
I even told to the lady: ‘Are you sure?’…Like she didn’t know her job.


Later on, my husband admitted that he knew it would be a boy. How on earth he knew that? For me it is still a mystery.


Anyway, it took me only a few hours to get used to the idea that I will have a boy. By the evening, I was happy to have a healthy baby boy growing inside me. And, I thanked God for that.

Then, I thought anyway, I generally get along well with the opposite sex. Ladies can be sometimes difficult to deal with.
However, that doesn’t mean that boys are easier to manage.


We all know boys reputation, right? They are known to be quite active in comparison with girls. Even though, there are exception with tomboys.


In my family, most of the boys were quite active and I saw some scenarios and quite a bit of accidents too.
Maybe, that’s why unconsciously, I thought to have a girl.

Anyway, are boys that difficult to raise?


Obviously, not all boys are the same but mine is definitely active even though I’ve seen more active than mine.
I would say that my son Joshua knows how to keep me busy.

Would I say it is difficult to raise a boy? I would rather say it is very challenging.
I can only talk about my own experience with my son Joshua. He is always on a move, up for something.
So, for me the mother, I find it very tiring and time consuming.

More adventurous

I find boys more adventurous than girls. They dare more. It doesn’t mean than girls are not bold but boys will always go a step further. And, then, it will appear to be quite dangerous from an external point of view.
I suppose it is the nature of male.
If we think in old time or even today in some civilization, later in life it will become handy to be adventurous for hunting in order to feed the family.

Be ready to stumble upon cars

Of course, most boys love playing with cars, my boy is no exception.

If you don’t pay attention where you put your feet you might end up felling down because of a misplaced little car. They are all over the house.
I don’t know how my son manages to spread them in every single room of the house. But I better watch where I put my feet.
So, having boys mean their cars can be potential hazard for adults.

Well, I don’t want to sound dramatic but their little cars or any toys with wheels can be supervised careful if you want to prevent any silly accident.


Jumping and climbing…


I know it is not boys only jumping and climbing but I’ve noticed it was more common in boys than girls.
Sometimes, I am thinking: “why do my son need to climb or jump all over things or even me!”
For instance, I cannot believe that sometimes he tries to stand on a chair, one foot on the edge of the chair and the other one at the tip of the toes trying to reach something on the table.
As my mum often says, children don’t see the danger. My son, when he wants something, he just goes for it.


Boys are quite loud!

My son is still very young, maybe it’s normal for his age but I find him very loud. He loves making noise with anything, his toys, the pots, pans, and doors.
Also, he loves shouting too!
When, I go to playgroup, those making more noise are boys.
I generally see girls playing quietly with toys, they might giggle but they won’t be as loud as boys.

In conclusion, raising boys can be fun but it is very challenging. They surely keep you busy and fit.

And you, are you raising a boy or more than one boy? What is your experience?


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