How To Help Your Toddler To Start Talking?


As we are speaking three different languages at home my son seems to have difficulties to start talking.


I have already mentioned in previous posts that I was not worried that he couldn’t say so much as he needed to process (according to me) all the languages.
To my surprise, for the past two months,Joshua has been making great progress. He is acquiring almost or if not the same amount of words as a child speaking just one language.
I know you cannot compare children and trust me I don’t like doing it.
What’s the point? Everyone has different circumstances and background. And, more importantly, every child is unique.
With my son, I will be sharing what’s working for him and maybe that might help you as well.

Keep talking to your child

First, I have been talking to my son even when he was already in my tummy.
Then, from newborn until now and he’s almost 2 years old, I keep talking to him like having a conversation.
Surely, it can be sometimes discouraging as there is no reply.
However, I am convinced that had encouraged him to start talking.


So, I mainly speak in French to him. It’s only recently I thought to start talking to him in English. Whatever I say in French, I repeat it in English.
But my focus is more for French as he is less exposed to the language.
At 23 months, my son understands quite a lot in French and English at the same level I would think.
However, he can say a few words in French. But, he can say more words in English. He can even say a few sentences such as “What’s this?”, Who’s in there?” or it’s daddy/it’s papa.
And for the words only, he uses both languages. For instance he knows what is car in French but he will choose to say it in English because it easier to pronounce.


Learning from different sources


Books: My son is very interested in books. Every single day he brings his books to me and points his fingers to the image.
You will have to very patient because they will be asking for the same image over and over again.
Playgroups: I’ve seen the difference between the first time he went in playgroup last year and now. He’s a totally different person. He is participating. For instance, when asked to clap hands or jump, he manages to follow the instruction.

TV: Even though I don’t like to mention it but I have to admit that my son made progress in his language acquisition by watching nursery songs on TV via Youtube videos. He is now in a mode of repeating the words he hears from the screen.


The final tip that I will share with you and for me it has been the most important factor for my son progress.

Being in contact with other kids

The change has been dramatic when my son’s been with a childminder a few days a week. So, he is in contact with other children about the same age.
He is definitely picking up words not only from the childminder but from the other children there.

He clearly repeats words than other kids are saying.
In conclusion, there are different ways to help you toddler start talking. The tips shared here work well for my son but it might not work well for your child. So, you will have to test different method in order to see improvement.
Of course, don’t hesitate to seek help such as a speech therapist if none of the methods you have tried is working.

Don’t hesitate to share your experience here.


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