How Did I Finally Stop Breastfeeding, Was It difficult?


I have finally stop breastfeeding after two years and 5 months. My son was so attached to my breast that I’ve wondered how I could manage to make him stop latching on. how to stop breastfeeding

As far as I remember, prior to my journey as a mom, I always wanted to breastfeed my baby. And, I thought that you could stop at any time.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know that you could continue breastfeeding over 6 months. I thought that the “normal” process was to stop at 6 months just before the weaning period.

It was only during pregnancy that I discovered that breastfeeding could go even beyond 1 year. Imagine my surprise after reading that and confirmed at a prenatal course.

So in any case, I thought that I will stop either at 6 months or 1 year.

How wrong and naive I was!

In fact, in a way I was not fully wrong, if I wanted to stop breastfeeding I could have just stop regardless of my son being ready or not. But, obviously I didn’t follow this option or listen to my relatives or others.

Do not listen others about when you should stop breastfeeding

If I had to listen relatives or others people, I should have stopped breastfeeding a long time ago.

With their best intention, they thought they were trying to help you. So, they advise you that stop breastfeeding at an early stage is better if you want to have an independent child.

In addition, they warn you that the child will have difficulties to cope when he will start school and even when I will be back to work if I wish to.

Well, I listened but I did it my way.

How did I finally stop breastfeeding?

  • Follow my instinct:
    No matter what people was saying I just didn’t feel like just stopping for the sake of it. I have simply follow my instinct.
    Clearly, I didn’t want to stop breastfeeding because my son was very attached. And, my feeling was if I had stopped earlier, it would have been like a trauma for him.
    Over a year, my son was still very attached to the breast. I even wrote a post about it as I didn’t know when I should stop breastfeeding. You can check the post here.
    Anyway, at the end, my son relied on my breasts for sleeping and just for comfort.
  • Being ready:
    To my surprise, I have realized that we both had to be ready to stop the process of breastfeeding.

    How come, you will ask?

    First, as you must imagine when you breastfeed you create a bond with your child. And, during this time, you develop a strong protective feeling that grows months after months. So, in a way, when you stop breastfeeding (at least too early), psychologically, as a mom, you feel like a kind of separation. You realize that your child is growing and starting being independent. It is not that I am against the fact he becomes independent. But, rather the fact that he is still very young and he still needs to be protected.
    Secondly, as I knew that breastfeeding helps to have a strong immune system, my thinking was that the longer I breastfeed him the better he gets protected against virus.

  • Preparing my son mentally:
    As I realized that my son could understand more and more when I speak, I thought that would be the best way to prepare him. Weeks after weeks, every night before going to bed, I constantly repeated to him that he didn’t need the breast to fall asleep. My effort paid of because when I eventually stop, he showed little resistance.
    However, sometimes, he still likes resting his little head on my breast to fell asleep, so well…there is still work in progress!

Was it difficult to stop?

Actually, it was not difficult at all. To my surprise my son was rather fine with that because he expected it since I have prepared him for so long. So, that made the transition quite fine for me as well. I think we were both ready to move one.

What happened when I stop breastfeeding?

I did not experience anything in particular. I felt I was definitely ready for that.
Also, I did not experience any engorgement since I didn’t have so much milk after over 2 years. So, I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever.

In conclusion, I eventually stop breastfeeding when we were both ready. The experience was not very difficult, my son and I have still strong bond.
And you, thinking about stopping breastfeeding? Or maybe you have already done it, what was your experience? Please feel free to share your story here.


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