How I Handle My Very Active Toddler boy.


toddler walking in tunnel
My 20 months old toddler is a very active boy and I need to find ways to handle him.  As you can imagine it’s very tiring. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, he is already throwing things all over his bedroom. He doesn’t need any adaptation time. His busy day starts as soon as he wakes up. And then, I know that trouble start.


“No” is not an option for my active toddler boy


Depending on the day, he can start a big drama for no apparent reason. This morning for instance, he’s decided that he would not let me do so much. So what he does generally he just grabs my legs preventing me to move.
This is what he did today. So that I couldn’t get into the shower.

As I didn’t let him do whatever he wants, he screamed louder and louder. You won’t believe how strong he can scream! Generally my neighbors can hear him. So, annoying because they want to know why he cries that loud!

Anyway, my son is at the stage where he doesn’t accept any rejection. As soon as I refuse somethig to him he won’t accept it and starts showing me his dissatisfaction. So, either he starts to throw anything away violently or he just ‘drops himself’ on the floor. He lies down on the floor, cries, shouts and screams.
I’ve got different variation of tone!

Surely, his energy needs to be canalized. He clearly prefers life outdoor. If it is only for him, I would spend my entire time outside the house. Anywhere would do as long as it is outside. Sometimes, he gives me his shoes or mine to make me understand that it’s time to go out. One day, he was able to sit down first time in the buggy. He was waiting for me to go outside.

toddler playing ball in park


Handling my active toddler boy


Going outside every day

My son loves going outside. Depending on the day, he might just want to walk or be fine seating in the buggy while I push.
I imagine that just a different air makes a huge difference in his mood. He loves looking around, pointing at everything that he sees.

Physical activity

As I mentioned in a previous post already, I go outside every day with him. We go mostly in parks and playgroups.
I want to make sure that his legs are used for a long period of time. So, for instance, we will play with a ball. I would kick the ball far away to encourage him to run after it.
Needless to say that he loves parks. So do I, because I know after running for a long period of time he will be tired.
Trust me, this little boy doesn’t get tired so easily. His energy level is just incredible. He’s always on the move. I am always running after him.
Sometimes, he chases the pigeons or simply decides to change from the trampoline to the slide. And, then off he goes to the sand area. It is a non stop day.
We generally spend a minimum of 2 hours in a park. Sometimes, I bring lunch so that we can stay even longer.

Entertaining him constantly

In order for me to handle his active mind, I need to make sure I found new ways to entertain him.
For instance at the park, I will invite him to walk up a little hill and then run down that hill. A simple activity but he just loves it.

And, at home, for example, I would do a racing of two cars. Anything will do for him. He is at an age where he can be amazed very easily even with things that seem simple for us.
Intellectual and social development

I do go with him at playgroups for his intellectual development but also to encourage social interaction. My son is a child who like observing a lot and does little participation. I would like him to interact more in the activities.
So, I always encourage him to follow what been asked by the group leader. Some days, he can make the effort. But some other days, he won’t be bother.
However, as soon as the area is empty he is totally transformed. His face bright up and he runs all over it, giggling all the way across the room. You won’t believe is the same boy.
At the end of the day, the only way he can canalize his energetic mind is when he simply uses his legs. Physical activities seem to work well to handle him.
And you, what do you do to handle your energetic toddler or baby? I will be happy to hear your story.


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