How Can You Learn From Your Children and Improve Yourself?


How can you learn from your children or your child and becoming a better person and even heal!
In the video below I explain how I have experienced the feeling of abandon and rejection when I first went to kindergaten then to primary school. This feeling never left me until I had my own child.

I did not understand why my mom had to leave my at school. I wanted to stay with her all the time. Obviously, she had enough on her plate to keep her busy all day. But, as a young child, I did not get it. I believed that I could spend time with her even though she had things to do. I thought I could play at home while she was busy with the household and eventually I could possibly help her!

Of course, I was naive and innocent!

I was acting like I was her unique child! It was completely absurd because I have a lot of siblings. Why, would my mum keep me at home with her while all my sisters and brothers were at school? It just did not make any sense.

Nevertheless, I just could not grasp where this feeling of abandon was coming from because my mom was always there for me. It seemed that I needed her to constantly remind me how much she loved for me.

I guess, I had a lack of confidence somehow!

Then decades later, as a mom myself, it seems that my son is experiencing the same feeling!

Is it karma? Probably!

It seems to me that I have to learn something from my child for sure!

I let you discover the video and let me know your thoughts.

Please, share here how you have learnt from your children too.


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