Christmas in Germany for My Toddler


My toddler son spent last Christmas 2016 in Germany. It was a whole new experience for him as he is a bit older, 2 years and 1 month. 
Even though, he is still not forming proper sentences, he can still express what he sees and feels.


It was so exciting to observe him discovering new experiences.

Taking the plane to Germany

First thing first, taking the plane was already the beginning of the adventure.

He normally enjoys browsing the sky to point at planes passing by.
So, realising (if he really realised) that he was actually getting on the plane increased his excitement.
It was not his first time that he took the plane but he was too young to enjoy the ride.
As a 2 years old, he had his own seat. he loved standing on it and explored his surroundings. Maybe, he felt like a grown up person since he could have his own seat.
We can say that we had a very pleasant trip in comparison with the past when he was much younger.
As a toddler, he is able to do more onqlwqr.
He can listen (at some extend of course) when you show him items on a book, he is at a stage where he is repeating words. As the trip was not very long, we could entertain him with different activities.
My husband and I were so relieved and glad that the journey went well. We even feared about his ears while landing but overall, he did bare the discomfort for a little while.
Even the way back went well too.
My toddler son spent last Christmas 2016 in Germany. It was a whole new experience for him as he is a bit older, 2 years and 1 month.

Meeting the grandparents

We arrived very late in the evening and Joshua was sleeping soundly after that long day.
So, the grandparents had to wait the day after to enjoy their grandson.

When my son woke up the day after, I could see his face showing surprise. Maybe, he thought he had dreamt the day before. Who knows what was going on in his mind.

Anyway, here he was waking up in a different house and less than an hour later meeting people who had only eyes for him.

Joshua did know his grandparents but I didn’t think that he could remember them very well even though we skype quite often.
My son always needs time to adapt to a new environment. He showed some hesitation and then he was totally fine to play with Opa (granddad) most of the time.

Christmas for a toddler

What can a toddler of 2 years old really understand about christmas?
I suppose not so much. However, he did realise there was something different from the usual.
The tree

When, we arrived a few day before the 24th of December, there was no Christmas tree. It seemed that they wanted us to all participate to the decoration. That was a great idea as my son was very excited between the colourful baubles, tinsels and changing light.
He might have thought there was definitely something happening here.

The food

In Europe in general, we celebrate Christmas on the 24 december. And, in Germany, apparently they eat fish that day and on the 25th, they eat turkey.
As, we had a very early dinner on christmas eve, my son had no clue of what will happen next.
As a matter of fact, he fall asleep around 7 pm. We thought it was a pity since we wanted to open the gifts later.
Eventually, he woke up at 8.30. The time was perfect because we all gather in the living room and enjoying the evening.
He was thrilled to discover that he was allowed to eat that much sweet in one day.

The gifts

My son was spoiled by a pile of presents lying under the tree. He had more present for him than all of us reunited.
Of course, it didn’t really made sense as he was only 2 years old.
However, he seemed totally fine with that. Opening the presents was like a game for him. We could clearly see excitement increasing crescendo gift after gift.
At the end of the day, his most favourite present was a very simple little bus.
I said to my husband, the bus would have sufficed and he would have been still a happy toddler!
And, I can tell you, he still loves his bus.

the attention

My son generally got our attention. And top of that, there were the grandparents who were most of the time keen to play with him. Regardless of Christmas or not, they love enjoying spending time with him.
However, at Christmas eve, he had realized that all eyes were on him when he open his gifts. We were as much as excited than him to see his joy on his face after opening a gift.

Finally, Christmas in Germany with our toddler son was a great experience for all of us. It was like we were enjoying it through the eyes of our little one.

And, you how was your Christmas with your toddler, did they enjoy it as much as we did?


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