A Wise Mom Knows The Importance of Taking Care of Herself



A wise mom understands how important it is to take care of herself.
Obviously, she knows that the number one priority is to look after her baby who is very dependent of her. Of course, no doubt she will be providing the necessary care and unstoppable love for her little one.


However, it doesn’t mean that a mom has to forget about herself.
Too often, I have seen moms living completely through their children’s life. It looks like they do not live anymore. It’s all about their children.
When we were young, my mum used to be like that. God bless her, I suppose that she just reproduced the same model from her own mom.
I am not blaming her here because she did a fantastic job raising so many children.
However what I found sad was that she would not care so much about herself.
She made a lot of sacrifices like most of moms but she would forget to take a good care of herself.
Actually, what I find even sadder at that I don’t even know whether she knows how to take care of her emotional and physical well-being.
Even nowadays, I still meet mums who don’t want to invest in themselves. They want to wait that their children go to high school or college.
The thing we have to remind ourselves is before being a mom or a wife, you are a woman after all. I am not saying a mom has to be selfish. Even though, sometimes it can be necessary in order to keep your sanity.
I met once a mom of three boys. She confessed that she was so overwhelmed that she entered in a very deep depression. With the help of a professional, she learned to look after herself. For instance, the weekend was her time off; she would stop any housework including cooking.
It is a pity to get that far (deep depression) in order to realize how important it is to care for yourself.

Get some break

As a mom with wisdom, I allow myself to have some break during the day. If I feel too stressed, I take a moment to sit down; I close my eyes and take a few minutes to do deep breathing.

A lady in meditation

Find time to meditate

Also, It hasn’t always be possible with my energetic little one but I try to re-introduce (I used to meditate very often prior to my son’s birth) meditation in my busy life. Meditation is such a great way to nourish your soul. It helps you to stay grounded and calm in order to better cope with every day challenge

Learn something new

Instead of watching TV, you can read a fiction or educational book. There are so many things to do and learn. Why not learn a new language or any new skill that you fancy. Currently, I am interested in learning web design. I am learning to code. I just love the idea that I will be using my creativity.

Find time to exercise

With a very active toddler, I walk for a minimum of 30 minutes to go to the park or a playgroup every day. And most of the time, I have to run after him when he runs away. You know, how fast they can run these cheeky little ones.
Besides this twice a day I do proper exercises to keep fit.


Green smoothie

Take time to eat well


With our busy life, it can be so easy to grab a pack of chips or whatever we find on our way and be on the move.
It is very stressful for your body to process food that have been eaten in a few minutes.
We need to take time to eat well. We know that we should be eating more green and healthy food. But, we keep doing the opposite. Then, we are surprised that our body get unwell.


Look after your appearance

Looking after the way you look it’s not an ephemeral thought. Trust me, if you look great. You will feel great as well. If your hair is a mess, your skin looks terrible etc, do you think that you will feel good? I have doubt!

Finally, a wise mother understands the value of caring after herself in order to keep a balance life.


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