A Wise Mom Invests in Herself

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A wise mom wants to invest in herself to improve her life and the family’s.


As, we don’t know what the future hold, the new generation mom understands that she better be prepared in case an unexpected event occurs.

A very demanding society

Nowadays, we live in a very demanding society where the competition is higher and higher. Everything goes so fast. We need to constantly adapt to the new way of living otherwise we get lost.
Therefore, in my opinion, we should not hesitate to learn several skills as long as we like what we learn.
In the past, people from previous generation like my parents used to have a job for life. Or, they used to work for the same company for life but at different positions.
Today, if you do this, you are perceived as old-fashioned and unable to adapt to a new environment.
It’s incredible how things can change.

Learning new competence

With the latest news of the Brexit, we still don’t know what will be our fate. My husband and I are both European citizens living in United Kingdom. So, we might need to move to another country or just staying in London. Nobody actually can tell what will be next. Who knows if my husband will be able to keep his work?
Besides this eventuality, I think it is important to learn new skills in order to offer your competence to an eventual employer or for services. Anyway, I do like learning news things. I am a mom in her forty’s who’s clearly not afraid for change.
This coming September, I will start a new training in web designer. I am well aware that it will be a lot of work because I will compete with the very young who were born with a computer at their fingers (if I may say that). However, I am up for the challenge.


Read every day

Read every day five to ten pages of a subject related to your goals. I like this idea; I got it from one of my favorite motivational speaker, Les Brown. Actually, the number of pages he suggests is fifteen to twenty a day. But, I know sometimes, it’s not always possible to achieve that with my little one, so I’ve reduced it. I’d rather do less than nothing.
For instance, for my project of web design, I read or watch tutorials about the different language such as Html, Css and Javascript. I educate myself a bit more on the topic of the web. It’s such a vast subject that I cannot stop learning something new every day.

Staying fit mentally and physically

It’s not rocket science. We know if we don’t look after our mental and physical body, we will have to pay the consequences.
If we want to be well, we do know that we have to exercise, eat well and stay away from any negative influences that prevent us to move forward.
Of course, it’s not always easy, however, we still need to take control of our own life. We cannot certainly blame others or our children for not achieving our goals.
I can, for instance, wake up earlier than my son in the morning and doing some abdominal exercises. It’s just 10 min or even less.
With willpower and determination, it is possible to achieve what you want.
Finally, we are the only responsible of our own life. By, investing in herself the wise mom can adapt to the ever-changing world.
Note: Picture by Daniel Gilbey


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