A Mom’s Love is Everything


Like you, I have always heard about a mom’s love for her children.
Of course, I could hear it but not truly understand it until I became a mother myself.


A mom looking at her child

Now, I am experiencing it, I can say that the love of a mother is everything.


The love I feel for my son is unconditional. No one teach you this kind of love. It is just there. It comes naturally from the heart.
And, I can tell you that this feeling existed already while my son was growing in my tummy.
I don’t even think that you can put words on this kind of love for explaining it.
However, you can express how you feel about it.


I have mentioned in several occasions how challenging it is to raise my son. And no matter how often he drives me nuts, nothing change the love I feel for him.

Of course, I get frustrated when he doesn’t listen to me or even when he screams or having tantrums.
I am human after all, I do feel deeply annoyed or sometimes overwhelmed by too much noise.


However, unlike somebody else yelling at me, I would not waste my time trying to fix things or even pursue the relationship. I might have a grudge for a moment for that person.
But, with my boy, it is different, he is part of me. I might feel annoyed while he has a big drama but no grudge at all.

The love I have for him is everything.

The love of a mother is everything

Without love and specially coming from a mom, a child cannot thrive properly.
When I see how happy and healthy is my son, I can only believe that is due to all the care and love I give him.
The love of a mother for her child is the foundation for everything that matter in life.
I believe that love enables building confidence in my son’s development.


A mom’s love is so strong that she can do the impossible for helping her child whatever the situation.
She is able to make sacrifices to make sure that her child succeed in life.

Nevertheless, I am wondering if the love for my only son would have been the same if I had several children.

How is it when you have more kids?


I can’t answer this question because I have only one child.
But, I know parents always say that they love all their children the same way.

Is it possible?



I imagine, even if a parent may have some preferences, her love for each of them is everything. She still will do anything for them to succeed in life.

They raise them in a way they can grow strong and independent so that they can live their own life.
But, are all moms the same?

What about these mothers who maltreat their children

To be honest with you, I still have difficulties to comprehend that.
I always wonder, how come a mother who carried for 9 months her child, develop a bond and yet abuse them find out.
I am not judging, I am just saying that I don’t understand that.
Does it mean that these moms have no feeling for their children?
Don’t they feel the unconditional love?
The only thing that comes into my mind is that these mothers are suffering. They are so much in pain that the true feeling of a mom towards their children is suppressed by their sorrow.

They just need to be healed and reconnect with themselves.

In conclusion, the true nature of a mom is to love her children unconditionally. And the love of a mom is everything.
And you, what do you thing about it?


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