5 Signs Your Child is Not Getting Enough Attention From You


My son, Joshua is very good at showing signs that he is not getting enough attention either from me or his dad. 

You know how it is. As time’s flying so fast, we want to be able to achieve a lot during the day.
Every minute is an opportunity to do something.

I don’t know if it is only me (I doubt so) but the more I do the more I realise there are more to do.

I’ve found myself in the situation where I have million things to do like I used to be prior to be a mum.

Problem is: things are not the same anymore. It seems that I have forgotten that!

My little one is there to remind that and he is quite demanding.

My son is able to play on his own like most children. And, of course, it is very important for his development.
However, when he starts pulling my clothes because he wants me to come over his play area, this is a clear sign that he needs my attention.

There are even more significant ways that your child can show you he wants you to be with him in case you might not understand the first clue.

#Sign 1 that he not getting enough attention: Yelling

Ok, I must admit that my son is a screamer. But it can be even worse when he doesn’t get what he wants or if he is not getting my attention.

So, he thinks that if he yells or screams either myself or his daddy must hear him. He must think that we can not ignore him with such an unbearable noise.

Well, sometimes, I do ignore him when I know he is acting like a capricious little boy who wants to do only his way.

#Sign 2 for attracting my attention: Breaking things

Another extreme clue for getting attention is when he is looking for damaging something.

The other day, I was on the phone with a friend working on a project. My son didn’t appreciate that I was spending so much time on the phone. So, he’s started crying, looked around and rushed into the shelves, to find a little plate and drop it on the floor. The perfect dramatic scene. He surely managed to get my full attention with that smashing noise.

#Sign 3 for getting attention: Throwing things

Joshua’s  a champion for throwing things. The noisier the sound of the object makes the better he feels.

Generally, he likes throwing his toys up the air or smashing them on the floor.

Sometimes, when he calls me to come and play with him but I quickly trying to broom the floor (I know, this could wait…) or clean the table by keep telling him that I am coming in a minute.

That minute turn into 5 more and, children patience are not adults’. So, when he gets fed up, he just grab anything he can found and starts throwing them all over the room. That’s it, I know that I must leave what I am doing and look after him.

#Sign 4: trying to lift you from the chair

Another obvious sign that my son wants me to interact with him is when he tries to lift me out the chair. Even, this week again when I was working on my computer, he called me ‘mummmmyyyy’, he came to me and tried to make me stand up. It is quite funny. I am thinking how can he thinks that he can lift me. But, it does the trick because the signal is very clear.

#Sign 5: Saying  ‘Finish’

I don’t think if there is even clearer than this. In his limited vocabulary, my toddler son who is over 2 years, sometimes asks me to finish whatever I am doing.

Either I am in a middle of taking a shower or working in front of my computer, he says to me ‘fini’ (fini, present tense in French which means to finish my action).

Finally, a child craving for attention is surely not what we want to. Finding the right balance is very important because they can be very manipulative and know how to get our attention.

What about you? What are the signal your children give you for not getting enough attention?


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