3 Ways To Develop Your Child Logic Skills


Developing your child logic skills is essential. It will always be very helpful in every day life.
And, it is never too early to start with numbers or problem-solving.


Yesterday my 23 months son Joshua, got frustrated because he couldn’t put all together the cups shape sorters.
There are obviously several ways to grow your child logic skills. However, I will be talking about just three of the techniques that I am using the most.

Teaching Numbers

I have started teaching my son how to count first in French and recently in English.
I’ve begun the process since he was about 7 to 8 months or even probably earlier. I cannot quite remember.

I used to do fingers counting until the number 5. Sometimes I try to go until 10 but it’s rare. I want to make sure that he can say the numbers until 5 first and then increase little by little.

Anyway, I think he understands more or less the idea about numbers.
For instance, when I ask him how many dogs are on a page, he can point his fingers at least on two even if there are four of them.
Guess what?
While I am writing this…
I’ve just checked with him to see if he can count.
I’ve said “1” and he’s continued by saying “2” and I’ve said “3” and he said “4”. And then, he said “nine”. He cannot remember all of the numbers but he’s getting there.
I just cannot believe it! I am over the moon to see that he learning well and also, he can do it in French as well!
I am just amazed by the progress my son is making.


The other way I have been helping my son to develop his logic brain is with puzzling.


Using puzziling

For many months, Joshua has been struggling with puzzling.
At his 12th months birthday, he’s received a wooden puzzle toys representing animals. He didn’t know too much what to do with it see here now.
Even though, we showed him how to use it, he was not so much interested in putting the pieces in the right place.

He used to through them away or drag and slide them on the floor like a car.

But, I didn’t give up, months after months, I was still explaining to him how it was suppose to work.
Slowly, he get interested but he couldn’t put the pieces into the right place.
The more he tried the more he got frustrated. However, patiently, I continue to show him or to take his hands and make him placing the pieces in the right order.

And suddenly! The breakthrough!
About 6 months later, he could do it by himself and he wanted to do it again and again!

I was so thrilled!
And, that wasn’t it…
Also, he had a wooden sorting toys box that he finally managed to match perfectly exactly at the same time than the puzzle.
You could clearly see, how his logic’s brain has improved. As, he’s figured out how one matching toy worked he could understand the other one.


Very interesting experience!
The third way I have been helping my son is with the shape sorters.

Developing problem-solving

At the very early age, we gave to our son a staking rings and another one with cups.
Even though, he had them for a long time, we haven’t focus too much on them for whatever reason.
However, these days I am trying to get slowly back to this shape sorters as it helps for problem-solving.
I’ve observed one more time that he showing some frustration as he cannot put the cup in the right order.


I hope it is not a sign indicating that he is a bad loser. But, it is a bit early to say that. Should it be the case, we hope we will able to correct it on time.
But, my son’s frustration over a toy is not new as you by now. I just have to carry on help him and be patient.


Finally, there are more than 3 ways to help developing your child’s brain with logic. It’s up to you to find what’s working better for your little one.

Feel free to share your experience about the techniques you use to develop your child logic skills.


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