3 Skills You May Gain When You are a First Time Mom


I am a first time mom and when I have started this whole journey of motherhood I had no clue what to expect.

If you have read my previous posts, you will realize how often I speak about the difficulty of being a mom. Especially, if it is for the first time.

Why am I insisting?


The reason I keep mentioning it is because nobody really tells you so much about the motherhood’s life and its challenges.

I have notice that most parents are not giving away so much information. Maybe, they want to let new parents discover by themselves.


They might eventually warn you saying “your life will be different!”

But, that will be it. And, I think that the devil is in the details.


I don’t want to sound negative but I’d rather be the person that give the maximum information so that it doesn’t look like a surprise when the first challenge occurs.


But, I can understand why parents won’t talk about it. Maybe, they don’t want to appear that they are unable to properly raise their kids. Or, they don’t want to be judged.

Of course, there are plenty of joy and love. Thanks God for that and this is maybe why people don’t want to speak about the challenging part of parenthood.


However, it doesn’t mean it can be ignore. We still have to deal with every day situation that life brings.

As time passes by, I have realised that being a mom brought me new skills that help me to manage my every day life.

For some parents, theses skills are gained automatically but some other skills can be learned.

Here are 3 skills that I have discovered which can be very vital for your own development.


Since I became mom, I don’t know how many people I have talked to in the past 2 years. Having a child makes it easy to be approached by people in general. Parents talk to other parents easily. It seems totally normal to engaged a conversation with another parent in any places such as in a park, playgroup or in a train.
Although, I have never had problem talking to people. But, I find this skill very important when you are a parent.

Maybe, you wonder how getting more sociable is that essential for a parent?

Don’t underestimate the power of interacting with others because it can help you on different levels.
First, by sharing your experience you realize that you’re not alone.
I don’t know for you but knowing that others are facing exactly the same issues make me feel that I am not exaggerating.
Everyone is more or less in the same boat.
Also, more importantly, you can share tips and advises between parents.
Then, another skill that I have gained since I became a mother is my ability to be more patient


Being more patient

In the past years, I cannot say that I was the most patient person in the world. It was just the opposite.
Well, since I have my son, I find myself to be more patient.
I have no choice because with a child everything comes into place with the time.
For instance, I cannot expect my son to understand fully when I speak to him either in French or in English. I find myself repeating myself several time.
I am fine with that. No point to be frustrated because it is part of the development. And, it is the way he is learning.

The next skill I have found helpful that I have learned to appreciate is my ability to get organised.


Being Organised

Well, when you are a mother, you quickly realize that being organised will save you a lot of time.
Even though in the past, it was not my strength, I have no choice but to accept that it is necessary if I want to make my life easier.
I cannot say I have mastered that skill but for my every day life, I can see it is less stress.
For example, when I need to drop my son to the childminder at 8.15 in the morning certain day of the week singulair asthma. I prepare his belongings the day before and mine as well as I go for a training that day. So that in the morning I don’t have to stress to get on time either to catch my train or leave him to his carer.

This is one simple example but I have more that I can share but I think you get the idea.


Finally, being a mother has never been easy. But from your experience you learn either new skills or improve existing ones that help you to better overcome your day to day challenge while raising your little one.


Any idea about skills that you have developed or gained since becoming a mother? Please share your experience here.


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