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Here, I share my journey as a first time mom at 40. Come and join me. I hope to inspire you for starting your own journey into parenthood and becoming a better parent or carer. 


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Mom at 40: A New generation of Mums

It seems that in the 21st century, more and more women tend to have children late in life.

I am part of this new wave. I had my son at 40 years old. And, I’ve realized that most of my friends too has their child late in their thirties close to 40.

Do you know how we are called?

We’ve been labelled “older mother“.

How nice!

We have been told for so many decades that the chance to get pregnant after 30 years old is low and the pregnancy can be at risk.

Well, I believe that if you are healthy, and prepare your body as I did, you can conceive naturally at 40 or over.

Even though, you do not conceive in the natural way, being a mother after 35 years or over 40, should not be seen as selfish or odd.

Older mom is different!

Older mums can be wiser in their decision. Being a mature mom has many advantages and some inconvenience of course. However, the most important thing is to enjoy the experience and this can be very empowering whatever your age.

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